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Kamal Technologies is Rated 5 Star Software Training Institute in Google.

About Kamal Technologies

  • No.1 Specialized Training Institute in Chennai 
  • Latest, Modern & Practical Training in Each and Every Class. 
  • Classroom, Online & Corporate Training Available – Maximum Batch Size is 10
  • Lowest Cost Fees (6000/- per course) – We Value Your Money and Time
  • Professional Software Developers as Trainers – Great Quality Training 
  • Interview Based, Career-Oriented Training – Clear Interviews and Get Placed
  • Weekdays, Weekends & Fast-Track Batches Available – Choose Your Preferred  Batch
  • Learn Any Course in 30 Days – Gain Valuable Skills at Kamal Technologies
  • We never post any fake, positive reviews on the web to gain prospective students’ attention. That’s why we are the No.1 training institute in Chennai.
  • Medium of Training: Tamil and/or English

Courses Available

We don’t acquire part-time trainers to train our students. We are a group of dedicated Software Professionals that are passionate in training students.  Students trust us as we guarantee best learning experience.

Learn the fundamentals of Web Development – HTML5, CSS3, Javascript along with jQuery and Bootstrap. Create amazing, responsive websites that looks great on any laptop/PC, tablet and mobile.

Become a React JS developer from this “Beginner to Master” course. From the latest Javascript features to the advanced concepts of React JS, this is the complete React JS training course available.

Learn Angular – Javascript Framework from Google. We train in the latest version of Angular, start developing fast, single page applications and get Angular developer job in just 30 days.

Node JS is the one of the best ways to become a full-stack developer for a front end developer. Learn Node JS in 30 days by creating practical server-side applications at Kamal Technologies. 

For someone who knows HTML, CSS and Javascript, learning PHP and SQL can help them become a complete web developer. Become a complete backend developer by learning the latest version of PHP with SQL at Kamal Technologies. 

Python is a multi-purpose, popular and powerful programming language used by several leading software engineers in the world. Learn Python in 30 days at Kamal Technologies and earn your way to success.

Trending Courses .

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We don’t want out students to spend several thousands to learn a skill. We take the bare minimum with which we can serve you and run our institution. 

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Start with the basics

All the greats were once a beginner. No matter the skill you want to learn, start from the basics. The fundamentals may not grab the eyeballs, but as you rise above, your mastery over the basics will be the key to success. Learning the basics of a skill can be daunting, fun and crazy. 

The main goal is to NOT quit. It may be tempting to quit at the first sign of discomfort. But quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. The process of learning a skill is a great experience in itself. Learn to enjoy the experience.

At Kamal Technologies, we help students to enjoy their learning process. We care about you and your learning. 

Become a Professional in 30 days!

Code everyday - Practice as you learn

You will code in every class from the scratch. You will understand the topic, then practice in front of the trainer. The trainer will guide you to think, comprehend, correct your code and make you as better software developer. This is the greatest benefit for learning at Kamal Technologies. 

Lowest cost Rs 6000/- per course

We don’t want you to spend several thousands to advance your career. So we keep our course fees at bare minimum. 

We don’t believe in eye washing you by quoting a higher fee and then discounting it to feel make you feel good. 

We actually have a standard course fee of Rs 6000/-

Extensive Syllabus

Any course at Kamal Technologies will make you from a beginner to a master. We have designed each and every course keeping YOU and your career development in mind. So you can be well assured that our syllabus is the best. 

Get started now

No matter how much you think and wait, NOW is the best time to start learning. And for the best learning experience, Kamal Technologies is the BEST way to go. 

Student Testimonials

We trust in our students and our students trust us. As a training institute, we never post any fake positive reviews to gain your attention. You can see our quality training after you join Kamal Technologies.

Hello all, I’m currently taking React js course @ Kamal Tech and online training is really good here. fees was lowest here for 6000 rs. if you want to learn react js / angular / node js and all, you can definitely join here.

Raji Subbu

React JS Student

Best Quality Angular Training. I completed my online course yesterday and im extremely happy that i took this course at kamal technologies.. Trainer arun Srinivas was excellent, course fees was just 6000 INR compared to 20000 rs in other institutes here at Mumbai. I completely recommend taking this course.

Krishnan Murali

Angular Student

Im currently taking react js course via online training the training by arun sir is superb and each and every class is very practical and detailed. the course is the lowest here for 6000 rupees join here everybody for best training.

akshaya rajagopalan

React JS Student

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Get that job you deserve, Change jobs to your satisfaction, Get that promotion you had it in sight, Become a good software developer that companies want to hire, Be an independent freelancer, Get clients and projects that value you, EARN as much as you want.

Frquently Asked Questions

You will learn the theory, then how to apply in in practical scenarios, understand the syntax along with various use-cases of that topic. Theoretical knowledge is important for clearing interviews and tests, so we do have thoery covered for each topic.

You will code in each and every class from the scratch. No copy paste business. You will understand and code live so that the trainer can help you and correct you when you go wrong. That’s how practical your course be. 

We understand that a student can miss a class due to unavoidable circumstances. We offer refresher class to cover the missed topics. But we urge the students not to miss any class as much as possible. 

Any course you take will cost 6000 RS only. We value your money and time. No booking fees. No upfront fees. We never collect fees before a student joins a batch and attends his/her first class. You can take first 2 classes, interact with the trainer, start learning. If you are satisfied with the trainer and the training provided, then you can pay and join the course.

The maximum batch size will consist a group of ten students. We focus on every student’s learning by giving individual attention.

  • A laptop of your choice
  • An open mind to focus and learn

We don’t hire part-time guys to take classes for you. We are a group of working software professionals that are passionate in software training. 

We have Weekdays, Weekends and Fast-Track Batches available.

Yes. We provide a e-certificate that you can put it in your resume.

Mon to Fri (7AM – 9PM) | Sat & Sun (9 AM – 9PM)

We offer several modern and latest training courses including Web Development, React JS, Angular Course, Node JS course, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, PHP-SQL, Python etc.

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