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Learn React JS – The most in-demand software development skill today.
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What is this course all about?

This is the most complete React JS course. This course is for all beginners, students and professionals who want to become a React developer in 30 days.

React JS is the most popular Javascript library in the world. With React JS developer jobs increasing everyday, learning React JS can be the best way to advance your career.

What you’ll learn

You will become a great React JS developer with excellent skills in creating web applications. You will also be ready for job interviews and clear them too to get a React JS developer position.

Latest, Modern and Industry Standard Training

The IT industry is fast-changing. The technologies that are used to build website and web applications in today’s time didn’t exist few years back. And like everything in the world, the technologies will change in 2020 also. Kamal Technologies is pro-active in considering the industry trends and status, keeping up with the modern and latest technologies. 

In this React JS Training Course, you will learn many trending technologies and tools along with React JS itself. This includes Javascript (ES6/ES7), React Router, Redux along with the latest React Hooks features.

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React JS Training Course Syllabus

Section 1

Latest Javascript Features

Understanding “let” and “const”, Arrow Functions, Imports and Exports, Classes, Rest and Spread Operator, Destructuring, New Array Functions, Promises, Template Literals, Default Parameters, Async-Await, Generators

Section 1

Section 2

React JS Basics

The React build workflow, Using create-react-app, Project folder structure, Understanding React components, JSX (Javascript XML), Functional Components, Re-using components, Nested components,  Dynamic content, Children property, Props and state, Event handling, Stateful vs Stateless components, Adding two-way binding in React

Section 2

Section 3

Lists, Conditionals and Styling

Rendering content conditionally, Handling dynamic content, Outputting lists, Lists and state, Updating state immutably, Importance of “key” in looping lists, Flexible lists, Styling React components, Adding inline styles, Adding class names, Styling and adding classes dynamically.

Section 3

Section 4

Debugging React Apps

Understanding error messages, Finding logical errors by Dev Tools and Sourcemaps, React Dev Tools, Using Error Boundaries.

Section 4

Section 5

React Routing

Client-side routing, Adding react router, creating pages, Setting routing and router, Navigating back and next page, passing data between pages, Implementing navigation links, Switch, exact and NavLink, Adding a 404 Not Found route, Redirect component

Section 5

Section 6

React Hooks

What are React Hooks, React version support, Moving from classes to functions with useState and useEffect, use previous state with useState, Toggle state with useState, Using and cleaning up multiple listeners in useEffect, Comparing function components and class based components, Fetching data on component mount using useEffect, Using async-await in useEffect, Using useRef hook, Displaying loading with useState, Error handling and displaying errors with useState

Section 6

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BEST QUALITY TRAINING FOR just Rs 6000/- Plain and simple. 

The course fees would be INR 6000 /- per student. 

A professional software developer with more than 5 years of IT experience.

Tamil / English will be the mode of language during the training course.

There are three prominent batches available for any student to join. 

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Fast Track

A student can choose a batch based on his//her preference.

There is no prerequisite to take this course. Any beginner can take this web development training course.

We will arrange you another session within the stipulated course duration. However, we request the students not to take leaves for classes.

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