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The Complete React JS Course in Tamil

Learn ES6, React Fundamentals, React Hooks, Context API, Custom API, JWT Authentication, React Router, Redux etc

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In case of any doubts/queries in the course, you have 2 options. You can comment below the topic video. Else you can email your question. Simple & direct.


React JS has a very large community of fellow developers with a superb online presence, that help each other in case of doubts / queries.

Friendly Training

Who wouldn’t want a close friend teaching? That is how this course will be. We have this course teaching in Tamil to have a great learning experience. #GoLocal

This is a professional level React JS course

Course Syllabus

We want you to be job-ready at the end of this course. You invest time and money in this course, so you should reap the reward of getting hired by great companies.

This section consists of introduction to React and all the things you will learn in the course. Also, you will have your development environment setup.

You will learn about all the latest and modern features of Javascript including de-structuring, rest & spread operator, template literals, classes, promises. 

You will start your React development from here. Create react app, File structure, JSX, Fragments, Expressions, Conditionals are some of the topics you will learn in this section.

You will learn about the most important concept of React – Components. Along with it, you will practice how to use props, PropTypes, Component State, Lists, Functional Components, HTTP Requests, Updating State

You will start handling events in React, and set up react routing in your application. You will create multiple components and map to specific routes.

In this section, you will start with the React Hooks basics. You will refactor class components to functional components. You will learn context API to manage state.

In this mini project, you will create a small application in which you can input your DOB and it will output the age. You will learn to put together things in this.

In this section, you will create another application from the scratch, resembling Instagram.

You will start with a slightly advanced topic called Redux. Topics like Store, Reducer, Actions will be introduced in this section.

For loading comments selectively and from a database, you will use the Redux concepts.

You will set up the project’s UI using Materialize CSS along with a JSON-server setup. 

You will configure and use Redux with store and provider, actions and action types, connecting components to Redux and performing actions

You will perform a different set up task to filter and search.

React JS is very hot & in-demand in the IT world right now. Start learning right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may be a newbie to React JS. And you might have a lot of questions and doubts about the course. We have already answered a few questions for you. Please go through these.

The complete React JS course costs Rs.999/- This is the lowest cost, when compared to other training institute, where the fees would be in several thousands. Check for yourself 🙂

This course is taught in Tamil language. Anybody that knows and understands Tamil can take this course.

This course starts by refreshing the modern Javascript ES6+ topics, Environment setup,  React Fundamentals, Create React App, Components, State & Props, Event Handling, React Router, React Hooks, Context API, Redux Concepts etc.

This is a completely practical training course. You will create 3 projects from the beginning.

In Kamal Technologies, we don’t ask the students to practice. We make them practice in the course itself.

The course duration is for 20+ hours. 

If you can spend 1.5 – 2 hours per day, you can complete the entire course in a month (including the practice time). 

The completion duration depends on the student and it varies from student to student.

Lifetime access.

You can access the course 24 * 7 * 365.

Yes, of course. This course is future-proof. You can keep updating your skills as we update the course.

You can just leave a comment below the topic video.

Or you can send an email to [email protected] and your queries will be clarified.

There are so many advantages of taking this course.

  1. You will learn in Tamil – Friendly training
  2. Trustworthy – No Fake/Fraud positive reviews online
  3. Clear and simple explanations for every topic
  4. Quiz at the end of section to refresh the topics
  5. Save thousands of rupees by enrolling in Kamal Technologies