Learn ES6 – The latest version of Javascript

ES6 - The latest version of Javascript

Javascript as a language is one of the most widely used languages in the world.
It is also developing fast with newer versions.
The latest, stable version of Javascript is called the ECMAScript 2015/ES6.
Learn the ES6 features in this video series.

ES6: 'let' and 'const' use with working example

‘let’ & ‘const’ keywords new substitutes for the ‘var’ keyword. Learn how to create proper variables now.

ES6: Template strings/literals with working example

String concatenation couldn’t have become easier and joyful. Learn what’s template strings is all about.

ES6: Default parameters with working example

Double-checking the value passed to each of the arguments in the arguments list is a pain. With default parameters, learn how to pass default values to arguments.

ES6: Arrow functions usage with working example

Arrow function is only of the most talked about and useful feature in ES6. Learn how to create functions in short with the new syntax as creating functions has been easier.

ES6: De-structuring with working example

De-structuring is another awesome feature in the ES6 that allows creating variables from arrays and objects instantly. Learn how in this video.

ES6: Classes with working example

At last, classes are available in Javascript. That has been available in other languages for years. Learn how to use classes in Javascript in this video.

ES6: Rest and Spread operator with working example

Triple dots (…) is the one that symbolizes the rest and spread operator. Learn how to use reset and spread operator in this video.

ES6: startsWith - endsWith with working example

With new methods added in ES6, learn what and how to use startsWith and endsWith methods, that acts as a substitute to indexOf method.