Become a Node developer in 30 days!!

Coding Javascript at the server-side has become a reality. Yaay!! Node JS is the way to go. There is no need to learn a new language to write server-side code. Javascript is conquering the backend too, with Node JS. Learn Node JS at Kamal Technologies in 30 days.

Why Node JS?

Node JS is one of the sought out skills across countries and it is been used by prominent companies including Paypal, Yahoo, Cisco, Netflix, Linkedin, IBM, Microsoft. You don’t need a server developer, you can become a full-stack developer — coding the frontend and backend yourself. The things that you can build with Node JS are beyond awesome.

Node JS training at Chennai

What are the things I will learn?

  • What is “Node JS” is and how to install it.
  • Basic building blocks of Node JS, requiring your own files and also other 3rd party library files.
  • Handling user input data
  • Debugging
  • Asynchronicity, the all-important “Event Loop”, HTTP requests — handling success and failure
  • Express JS — create web servers, render templates
  • Connecting to a database — Mongo DB with Node JS.
  • Mongoose, Robo Mongo, creating API endpoints — GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, interacting with the database
  • Adding security and authenticating users —  private routes, auth middleware, hashing passwords, making the login and logout flow work.

How long would the course be?

  • Weekdays – 30 days
  • Thrice a week – 1 and a half month
  • Weekends – 2 months

What are the prerequisites?

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This entire course is based on your Javascript skills.
  • Disciplined dedication, an open mind to learn
  • Your own laptop of your choice

How will the actual training be?

  • Fully practical course – you will code yourself in your laptop
  • No copy-paste work
  • Real-time application development

What about batch size?

Maximum 5, so that you will get individual attention and best learning experience all along the course.

How much this course cost?

Call 8838021187, email to for more details.

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