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Coding Javascript at the server-side has become a reality. Yaay!! Node JS is the way to go. No more need to learn a new language for the server-side development. Learn Node JS from the scratch, step-by-step with the existing knowledge of Javascript and become a Node developer that companies would love to hire. Learn at Kamal Technologies offering best Node JS training in Chennai.

Why Node JS?

Node JS is one of the sought out skills across countries and it is been used by prominent companies including Paypal, Yahoo, Cisco, Netflix, Linkedin, IBM, Microsoft. You don’t need a server developer, you can become a full-stack developer — coding the front-end and back-end yourself. The things that you can build with Node JS are beyond awesome.

So, don’t wast time. Join Node JS training course at Kamal Technologies – the best Node JS training in Chennai for beginners, professionals and students.

Node JS training at Chennai

What are the things I will learn?

Node JS course content:

1. Getting started

  • What is Node JS?
  • Why to use Node JS?
  • Installing Node
  • Code editor
  • “Hello, Node” program
  • NPM – Node Package Manager
  • NPM commands
  • Installing local and global packages
  • Importance of “package.json

2. Node JS fundamentals

  • require” and “modules” use
  • Requiring own files
  • Requiring 3rd party modules
  • Getting input from users
  • JSON
  • Adding and saving data
  • Removing data
  • Listing data
  • Arrow functions

—— Complete an application project ——

3. Asynchronous Node JS

  • Async basics
  • Call stack
  • Event loop
  • Callback functions
  • APIs
  • HTTP requests
  • Encoding
  • Handling errors
  • Wiring up the app
  • Promises

—— Complete an application project ——

4. Web servers

  • Install Express JS
  • “Hello, Express” program
  • Creating a web server
  • Rendering templates
  • Express Middleware

5. Mongo DB, Mongoose & REST APIs

  • Installing Mongo DB and Mongoose
  • NoSQL
  • Connecting to Mongo
  • Writing data
  • ObjectId
  • Deleting documents
  • Updating data
  • Mongoose ORM
  • Setting up Mongoose
  • Resources creation – Endpoints
  • Deployment

—— Complete a To-Do app ——

6. Bonus points

  • Congrats on becoming a complete Node developer (Now, what next?)
  • Create applications as you wish (Solve your problems technically)
  • Showcase your applications (Who doesn’t love to show off?)
  • Clear any interview with your solid knowledge (Prove your naysayers wrong – The stage is set)
  • Get that dream job with great pay (“Yes, I did it” feeling)
  • Treat (Mandatory 😛 )
  • Refer other students (Build our trust)

How long would the course be?

  • Weekdays – 30 days
  • Thrice a week – 1 and a half month
  • Weekends – 2 months

What are the prerequisites?

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This entire course is based on your Javascript skills.
  • Disciplined dedication, an open mind to learn
  • Your own laptop of your choice

How will the actual training be?

  • Fully practical course – you will code yourself in your laptop
  • No copy-paste work
  • Real-time application development

What about batch size?

Maximum 5, so that you will get individual attention and best learning experience all along the course.

How much this course cost?

Call 8838021187, email to admin@kamaltechnologies.in for more details.

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