Become a PHP developer in 30 days!!

PHP is a server-side scripting language and interpreter for web development. It is one of the most preferred languages to learn. It can be embedded in the HTML code and it makes the programming all the way simple and easy. With a huge number of PHP developer jobs in the job market, learning PHP is a way to go. Learn more below.

Why learn PHP?

PHP is one of the easiest server-side languages that you can learn. With simple syntax and great support community, learning PHP is a definite way to go. PHP is ever-green. New languages, new technologies come and go every now and then. But PHP has been forever since 1994 when it was created. Learning PHP is a gift you gift yourself.

php-sql course

What are the things I will learn?

  • Client-server interaction.
  • Install Apache, PHP, and SQL and learn the basics of each.
  • Basics of PHP – variables, arrays, if-statements, looping.
  • Form data handling via GET and POST methods.
  • Create a mini-project to implement a structured web application.
  • MySQL – connecting to a database, retrieving – updating – inserting and deleting data from the database.
  • Combine the PHP and MySQL basics to create a web application – preventing the common security pitfalls.

How long would the course be?

  • Weekdays – 30 days
  • Thrice a weekdays/weekends – 1 and a half month

What are the prerequisites?

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript is mandatory.
  • Disciplined dedication, an open mind to learn
  • Your own laptop of your choice

How will the actual training be?

  • Fully practical course – you will code yourself in your laptop
  • No copy-paste work
  • Real-time application development

What about batch size?

Maximum 5, so that you will get individual attention and best learning experience all along the course.

How much this course cost?

Call 8838021187, email to for more details.

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