Become a mobile app developer without learning a new language - React Native is the word!!

Creating a mobile application is a skill that generates millions as revenue. The world is shifting to mobile-first. A study shows that the mobile traffic has surpassed the web traffic. Learn React Native to create native android and iOS applications – without learning a new language like Swift, Java etc.

Why React Native?

Mobile applications are one the best ways to engage the audience in the digital world. No wonder everybody wants to build a mobile application. Learning a new language to build separate Android and iOS app is a tiresome and expensive method. React Native from Facebook is the skill to build Android and iOS apps – with your web development knowledge.

react native training

What are the things I will learn?

  • React Native setup
  • JSX, Flexbox
  • Events, lists, and views
  • Redux with React Native
  • Using Third-party libraries
  • Styling and animations
  • Handling user input
  • Native features – camera, gallery, Maps
  • HTTP requests
  • Publishing the app

How long would the course be?

  • Weekdays – 30 days
  • Thrice a week/weekends – 2 months

What are the prerequisites?

  • React JS and Redux basics. This is not a beginner course of React JS
  • Disciplined dedication, an open mind to learn
  • Your own laptop of your choice

How will the actual training be?

  • Fully practical course – you will code yourself in your laptop
  • No copy-paste work
  • Real-time application development

What about batch size?

Maximum 5, so that you will get individual attention and best learning experience all along the course.

How much this course cost?

Call 8838021187, email to for more details.