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1. Never rush to learn everything overnight

You may have the urge to master everything within a very short time span. But that might become counter productive as well. Take your time to learn and do things. 

You can assign a fixed time frame to learn topics and concepts. But don’t create impossible schedules and beat yourself over. 

Consistency is the key. Learn things everyday, rather than taking it altogether.

2. Focus on the fundamentals

I cannot stress on this point enough. Fundamentals is always the foundation of your years’ long career. Jumping to the trending libraries and frameworks, without having a firm grasp over the basics is a grave mistake. 

All libraries and frameworks are built on the basics. HTML, CSS and Javascript are the basics of web development. 

And if you want you become a skilled web developer, make sure you spend sometime learning the nuances of all the three. 

3. Put down things

If you have a problem that you can solve with your web development skills, putting your design and plan on a paper can be the best thing to do. 

It helps to make your ideas clear and ready to execute. Draw the web page design that you like to develop. Write down the logic that you would like to use. 

Having ideas is one thing, Only putting them into action makes your a rockstar.

4. Build something

While starting to learn the basics, you might follow a tutorial series or take an online course. While you might learn things, you can be caught into something called the “tutorial hell”, which is you like to follow the tutorials and feel good about learning things, but you never actually put the things you learned into action by building something of your own. 

Putting the things you learn into building something – it can be anything is the most important aspect of learning. It can be a very simple web page using HTML and CSS, or a basic calculator app. Building things helps to become a real software web developer. 

If you plan to land a web developer position or to freelance  or to monetise your skills as a web developer, you need to build things and up your skills all the time. 

5. Your struggle is your learning

Several times you are going to run into road blocks while coding. You don’t know what to do, and how to do a particular thing. You try your luck in Google and Stackoverflow. Nothing helps. 

Your time is running out. You have complete this task. But how? Can somebody help? Nobody hears your voice. What to do?

You will run into definitive problems where you feel helpless. It is the natural process of learning and becoming a better developer. 

Do not quit. On the other side of your struggles is your success.

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