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    What is Web Development?

    Web development is the process of creating and hosting a website via internet or intranet. Web design, web content management,  client-server scripting and network security configuration. 

    Who is a Web Developer?

    A web developer focuses on the development of a website using a client-server model. The web developer also involves in creating, modifying and updating the website layouts as per the clients requirements. There are three areas in which a web developer can concentrate.
    1. Front end 
    2. Back end 
    3. Full stack
    The front end developer focuses on the user facing interface of the website. The web developer, in many instances, may have to communicate with the web designer(s) to coordinate the overall web development process. 

    HTML, CSS and Javascript are the fundamentals of front end development. The browser understands only these three basics of website development. No matter the framework or library used in website development, it finally gets compiled into HTML, CSS and Javascript in the browser.

    The back end developer focuses on the hidden layer of the website – the server side. All the behind-the-scenes of a website happens at the back end. The back end developer develops and maintains the server side which interacts and connects with the front end. The server-side interacts with the database, fetches or updates or deletes the data in the database, and returns a response to the front end.

    Java, Python, PHP, .NET, Node JS are few of the leading server-side technologies today.

    The full-stack development, as the name suggests, includes both the front end and the back end development. A full-stack is versatile in technologies related to both the client-side and the server-side. As several companies prefer an employee to be hands-on and juggle between different aspects of web development, full-stack developers are in a very high demand in the IT industry. 

    A good full-stack developer will have a very good understanding of each and every layer of web development. Creating static web pages, styling layouts, handling API requests from the client-side, database queries, connecting the client with server are few things that a full-stack developer should be well-versed in. 

    Who is a Web Designer?

    A web designer creates layouts that are visually appealing and easy to use. A web designer takes care of the look and feel of a website. The work of a web designer is to follow the best practices of web designing principles and norms, analyse the requirements, predict what an user can expect when a user visits the website, adding branding elements in the website. 

    As web designing is a very broad skillset, a web designer can specialise in a particular subset like UI desigining or UX designing.

    UI (User Interface) Designer – Deals with user interaction in a website. How a user can interact with the elements in a website. A UI designer has to respect the expected flow of a user. 

    UX (User Experience) Designer – Makes sure that the user is engaged in a website. A UX designer decides the data and the text that appears in a website, and also makes lot of testing to allocate the best user flow and navigation across web pages in a website.

    Visual Designer – It includes both UI and UX together. A visual designer designs pleasing and convenient to use websites, also takes care of the branding of the website.

    What are the differences between a web designer and a web developer?

    Web Designer
    1. Uses softwares like Adobe XS, Figma, Sketch etc to create the design layouts of a website.
    2. Graphic Design and Logo Design
    3. User Experience
    4. Latest Design Trends
    5. Branding, color paletes, typography and readability of a website.

    Web Developer
    1. Create web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript 
    2. Can use pre-processors for styling, libraries or frameworks for rapdi development
    3. Provide markup design to the back end team
    4. Creates server which acts as the backbone of a website and interacts with databases
    5. Version Control (Git) for maintaining history code changes to go back and forth using the commit history
    6. The web developer follows and create web site layouts based on the design provided by the web designer. Hence the web developer’s and the web designer’s job are inter-related.

    What is the average salary of a web developer and web designer?

    Web Designer
    The average salary of a web designer in India is considered between 2.5 to 3 Lakhs per annum. 

    The average salary of a web developer in US is considered as 59,391 USD per annum.

    Web Developer
    The average salary of a web developer in India is considered as 3.5 Lakhs per annum. 

    The average salary of a web developer in US is considered as 71,897 USD per annum.

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